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I’ve been playing guitar a long time (since I was 12).  I haven’t really paid attention to it as an instrument until around five years ago as I readied for  my divorce and eventual divorce in 2011.  My calloused fingers will attest to the fact I’ve recently been enjoying playing my guitar…A LOT!  It’s a nice little acoustic/electric Takamine EG140SRC, as you can see….  For the price, this is honestly a fantastic little guitar with great action and a superb sound with that hollow little Rosewood body.  (It was a gift back at the turn of the millennium, and next to my car, the nicest thing my ex ever bought me.)

Taka full body

My little beauty, Taka, that I taka everywhere.

And with the onslaught of constant guitar play I began writing songs again.

Now, I went through phases of guitar play and songwriting.  First, was my 70s teen era of the singer/songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Jim Croce and Carole King; not to mention, the big acoustic heroes on the guitar like Dave Crosby and Neil Young, or Bob Dylan.  Well, like many teens of the 70s I wanted to play guitar in hopes of becoming an awesome singer/songwriter.

Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man...yeah, not happening

Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man…yeah, not happening

Well…that never transpired.

I then went through a phase in the 80s where I became a music major, took a guitar class and was made to feel incredibly untalented because I had learned to play by watching others play guitar and was not an accomplished classical guitarist.  I picked the guitar all wonky and unclassically buffoony…and just wrong…as my instructor was quick to tell me whilst giving me an F.  (Yes, I like to use non-words!)   I left music with my guitar tucked between metaphorical legs, and basically, really stopped playing.  It was a very low time for me.

"I said meow!  MEOW!...or I'm covering the other eye too.."

“I said meow! MEOW!…or I’m covering the other eye too..”

I then became really God-centric in the 90s with my family growing and loved singing in the church choir and was suddenly thinking of writing music again.  At the end of the 90s my ex bought me a slash, Birthday/Anniversary gift, as I recovered in a hospital bed after a hysterectomy.  It was a very sweet gift from him and the kids.

I began to write songs on my guitar again, but there was still something that didn’t feel right.  And so, I began writing novels instead and my poor little guitar sat alone for another decade… until.

As I grew closer to God while searching to know truth and to know who God is, who I am, and who was Jesus, I had my personal epiphany.  God, I realized without a doubt, is more than what we read about in the Bible.  Once I saw outside this self-imposed Christian box it brought me to enlightenment in all types of creative ways.  The guitar even took on a whole new life for me, as I stood outside one night around a year ago, and looked up into a very dark sky and felt the Spirit within, blazing and lighting the darkness.

Words.  Words came to me fast and furious and the music simply fell into place.  I wrote four songs in a day.

Impressive, young padawan...

Impressive, young padawan…

(Yes, I know that sounds all hokey and weird, but I really felt the epiphany of my life as after heartbreak, heartache, and self-awareness grew, I had made a big step closer to God.)

With that step, came music, and it comes very naturally for me.  The guitar is becoming an extension of my fingers, hands and arms.  It’s a very soul-thing when I play.  I enjoy it in a way I’d never enjoyed playing guitar before.  I hope that shows in the new music I’m writing.

And so, after all this explanation and a bit of biographical info, I decided to start a Soundcloud page last year thanks to the help of my friend Maeve (who also recorded the only more professional sounding song, Everything About You I Simply Miss, on my site).    The music is not at its best because I recorded with just me and guitar in my bedroom and a little Tascam.  As I progress in my recording ability and learning how to put together a better sound and adding drums and such, it will progressively grow into a better product.  I guess you could say these are my songs unplugged…? haha

Thank you for reading, and I hope eventually listening. ^__^

Val’s Soundcloud Link


4 responses

  1. VAL! I don’t know if you remember, or want to remember me, but it’s JT! Paige? I think we had nicknames on Yahoo but that was ages ago. I think about you a lot and hope you’re doing well. If this blog is anything to go by, it looks like you are, which is fantastic. If you’re interested in picking the chat back up (or remember who I am, perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself? :P) my email is

    • Hey Paige!

      Of course I remember you, one of the best young writers I’ve come across. :). I sent you an email and would love to catch up and chat. It’s so nice hearing from you again. 🙂

  2. Hey, Val, Paige and I /may/ have been talking about you recently, hence the inundation of messages. Also this is Berni, who you spoke to around the same time as JT. If you remember. I just wanted to say hi, and see how you were going 🙂

    • Well hallo my old friend (and nemesis, I might add), Bern! ;D

      It’s fantastic hearing (reading, but lets not split hairs) from you and Paige (JT) once again!

      I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for popping in. 🙂

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