My Novel for #NaNoWriMo – Everyone Is Crazy, But Me

I, for the first time, have decided to enter a novel for #NaNoWriMo.  It’s titled, Everyone Is Crazy, But Me.  It’s dark humor, romance, and dramedy, about a male lesbian who boards in a home of lesbians.  He decides to come back – fully awakened of his reincarnated past lives – to meet his true love, and this time get it right.  The only glitch is that she’s a lesbian and he is male.  But, he’s a very determined person who just might be crazy.

I got the idea after speaking to a few friends that are very positive about reincarnation, how they know for a fact they are reincarnated, and thought I could put a humorous spin on this way of thinking.  I am not knocking reincarnation.  I actually leave the thought of this open to anyone who reads about the subject.  We have to always come to our own conclusions.

But, I have to ask those who read my blog, “Would you like me to place the chapters here as I work on the story and then give me input?”

Please let me know in the comments section or email me.

I would love to hear your critiques on my writing.  It’s been so long since I’ve ventured into writing a novel again, and it feels almost like returning home after a long trip away.  My muse is coming back.  It’s a little bit frazzled and slightly lost, but I’m helping my muse along.  She loves coffee and I’m making sure she gets plenty.  She’s also asking for more wine and beer, but I’m really trying to keep her from becoming a lush again.  She used to drink so much when she inspired novels in me years ago.  *wink*  I also need to find an unlit cigarette, since I’ve heard e-cigarettes are very bad for your health.

Anyhoo, thank you and I hope you are all out and about and enjoying this beautiful Fall weather.  ^__^


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