Illusions and New Page: Joshua’s Wisdom

Hello all of you readers!

I’m announcing a new page on my blog, Joshua’s Wisdom, and I read this book recently, Illusions, by Richard Bach.  It’s a good little novella and so easy to read (I read it in a few hours).  What I found interesting is that I’ve suddenly met a few women who have read this book several times.  One – the one who suggested I read this book – actually lives by it; which, can’t be all that bad, and I like the person that she is so much.  I liked what he wrote at the end of the book, “Everything in this book may be wrong.”  That was the best part for me.  It made me happy that Richard Bach realized the one truth:  no one truly knows all truth and no one ever knows everything.  He’s actually still alive and flying his planes.

It’s so like a writer.  We think a lot.  We spend so much time alone, just us and the keyboard, that we can do nothing else but ponder and think.  Richard Bach has the added beauty of flying above the land, like a bird, and seeing the world at a vantage point not many of us see the world from; which, reminds me of something foolish I once said to a friend while there was a dispute.  I told her eventually you have to get off the fence and choose a side.  Well, at the time I hadn’t truly thought it out that if she were a bird she could simply fly up and off the fence, and look at both sides.  Perspective.

Anyhoo, a good book brings about ideas and hopefully helpful ideas for our readers.  We know we can write inspirational uplifting work.  There is always a book that simply is uplifting and you can read it over and over again, like Illusions.  That’s the cool thing about being a writer:  to know you can affect people in a good way.

I know once I put Mr. Bach’s book down I felt very happy and it reminded me to remember…to remember who I am and what I enjoy.  In that way, it was a very good book for me to read right now.  It was chock-full of sage advice.

Reading the book, also influenced me to begin writing down discussions with my son, Johann (his secret blog identity name).  I suppose it’s time to let you all know my son’s real name is Joshua.  Discussions with him have influenced most of my posts on faith and gay issues.

Joshua is a gift from God.  I say that because he and I almost died a couple of times pre-birth.  Me twice, and then while I was in the hospital for two months on complete bed rest he was in constant danger of not making it.  Because of this I prayed over my son in my womb constantly – not like I had much else to do stuck on a bed in a hospital.  And then one day, quite unexpectedly, I started bleeding like crazy.  Everyone thought Joshua was lost.  At that moment, I gave Joshua to God.  I said, this is like an Elisha moment, “God, you just raise Joshua and he’s all yours if you let him live.”

And so Josh lived.  He was a very healthy baby.  He was born with all types of physical ailments and problems that would eventually pop up in his early elementary and teen years:  Genetic induced kidney problems that have given him high blood pressure at an early age (this may even kill him at a young age), Tourette’s Syndrome and comorbid side affects like depression and OCD.  But, he is a man who loves God more than anything else, and lives like a monk in a little apartment in Texas.  I never had influence for him in this direction.  He didn’t like going to church and stopped at age 12.  He told me he couldn’t go.  Even as a child, he didn’t like hypocrites.  He has spent hours and hours in his room talking to God.  He will tell me things that I can’t believe since he’s never read the same writers or books I’ve read.  He hasn’t read the Bible, except for a few pages.  He goes to the source – God.  He doesn’t believe in hurting any creature – even spiders and bugs; much to my disliking, since I don’t like spiders.  God is in everything, but he knows God is also separate.  This is all part of God’s creation.  He, like Richard Bach, believes in several dimensions and worlds and creatures and things that we can’t see with the naked eye.

What I’m saying is that he’s already told me pretty much everything in Richard Bach’s book, which leads me to thinking that God speaks to those who listen.  There are many ponderers like Mr. Bach and Joshua…and sometimes even me.

Well, let me just let you see the page, Joshua’s Wisdom, and you decide for yourselves what to keep and what to throw away.  You see, everything I write could be wrong.


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